It has been an interesting few months. Many plans that I had set prior to 2020 have been postponed or pushed aside. Many people that I know are in the same boat as me. We’ve had to endure a health and economic crisis like nothing before it. My situation is that I’ve been furloughed by Mayo starting in May all the way to December. The initial shock has dissipated. I am ready to use this time off to reset mentally, learn new things, connect with people, and to help others as much as possible.

Starting today, I am going to be posting regularly on my blog about what is on my mind. I have been posting regularly in social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. However, I feel that long-form writing may be a good way to get all my thoughts out, and reflect on what I learned.

As far as what I plan on doing the next few months…


  1. Start a raised bed garden
  2. Find a way to financially get through the next 7 months
  3. Spend more time with music, art, and other mental health activities
  4. Continue to learn a new language


  1. Build relationships, network, surround myself with people from the UX and design industry
  2. Attend as many design conferences that I can handle
  3. Work on finally updating my personal website and portfolio (Yes, it has been 4 years since I last worked on updating it)
  4. Volunteer my design and coding experience with mentorship, passion projects, and helping my community get through this together

I plan on sharing more on the personal projects I will be working on. So stay tuned.