Thomas Yung

Designer, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

I use the principles of psychology, human computer interaction, and human centered design to build products and services.

I practice user experience design to discover new insights, inform and validate future designs, and to ensure that people are at the center of the entire process. I specialize in design research, and bringing ideas to life. I advocate for the under-served and disadvantaged through the power of design.

Design Leadership

I help others succeed.

I am the lead organizer of UX Design Matters, a meetup group that serves to connect and educate designers in the local Rochester area. I have also recently taken on the challenge of being the lead organizer of Mayo Clinic's UX Educational Series meetup group. This group focuses on knowledge sharing and bringing together designers from across the Mayo Clinic. Breaking down silos is now my mission. Finally, I serve as a board member at Technovation Southeast Minnesota, a group whose mission is to empower girls to go into the under-represented fields of programming and technology.

Finding Order From Chaos

I enjoy using visualization to model ecosystems, communicate research findings, and better understand complex relationships.

Connecting People and Ideas

Design is about building relationships, helping others see and connect the dots, and going from uncertainty to certainty.

As a designer, my responsibility is to be a connector of people and ideas. I believe that building relationships and cross-pollination of ideas leads to better designed things and services.

Bringing ideas to life

I can quickly build prototypes, instead of having to hand it off to another developer, where there is room for misinterpretation. As a designer who can code, I can easily collaborate with developers using a shared language when speaking about code. I understand what the web is capable of. I can determine if design ideas are feasible or not.

Evidence Based Design

Good designers surround themselves with evidence.

My approach is to treat everything like an experiment; Turn ideas into hypotheses; Develop experiments to test the hypothesis; Come up with success criteria to either validate or invalidate the hypothesis.

Drawing and Sketching

Learning to draw is learning to see.

I sketch for ideas, for inspiration, and for fun. Regular sketching practice is a form of meditation. Drawing forces me to focus on subjects which normally get missed with the hustle of everyday life. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my drawings.

In my spare time...

I enjoy playing the acoustic guitar. I am a lover of animals, and owner of two precious small dogs. I live to eat, not eat to live. I collect Transformer robots. I am into martial arts, especially Aikido, for its non-aggressive philosophy. I play pickup soccer every week. I am currently learning another language.