Ahmed Makkawy

Program Manager at Google

"Thomas and a couple fellow UX/UI designers in the area helped found a Meetup group around these topics several years ago. I met him there and have since had the opportunity to work alongside him at Mayo Clinic and learn more about his background/process. Thomas has a very clean and orderly method about his design work and research while maintaining a high degree of innovation in how each project is approached. I would recommend his work ethic and skillset where a need arises for a thorough and ever-curious mind is needed. As a leader, Thomas exudes a great ability to articulate design decisions and how they impact work."

Rose Anderson

Product Manager at Mayo Clinic

“I have had the opportunity to get to know Thomas through a community-based UX group that he started in January 2016 in Rochester, MN. I have been impressed at how effective Thomas has been at bringing this group together around events and educational activities. Evident in his leadership of this group has been Thomas’s commitment to continuous learning, helping others learn, and stretching his own skills. He not only has a strong, demonstrated understanding of user experience design techniques, but he has also effectively taught others those techniques and promoted awareness of UX design through activities he has planned for community UX meetings and internally at Mayo Clinic. Thomas has strong written communication skills which I’ve observed in the thoughtful, professional communications he has sent out to the group and in our correspondences about design. A strong problem solver and critical thinker, Thomas not only has user experience design skills, but knows his way around code as well. This combination makes Thomas an extremely valuable translator and contributor to human-centered solutions in a technology-rich landscape.”

John Schultz

User Experience Designer at Mayo Clinic

"Thomas is equipped with the highly sought-after combination of expertise in both UX design and development realms. I’ve had the pleasure of working and collaborating with him several times over the years, and he always brings his well-honed user-centered sensibilities and full attention to each project. Thomas is a consummate early adopter of new tools, technologies, and methodologies, and he possesses the sophistication and restraint of knowing when and where to apply them. On top of all that, Thomas is an all-around great guy, always willing to share his knowledge and to learn from others. He would be an asset to any team, and I look forward to any opportunity I have to work with him."

Andrew Drees

Digital Marketing Specialist at Mayo Clinic

“I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Thomas at Mayo Clinic. Thomas is very passionate and fully invests himself into his work. He brings an abundance of knowledge and creativity to the projects and responsibilities that he undertakes. There are very few people in the area of design that can bring a high level of programming and development skill to the table, but Thomas has strong talent in both categories which makes him highly effective in creating and delivering effective solutions to fruition. He is an extraordinary resource to have on any team. For these reasons, and many more, I highly recommend Thomas for any endeavor he is considered for.”

Nancy Mahmoud

UX Researcher

"I had the pleasure of working with Thomas on various projects since 2010. He's a true asset to the UX community. He is really well-rounded in all UX principals as well as design thinking and workshop facilitation. Thomas is really talented and is more than capable of executing a project from A thru Z; from developing a plan, research and design, to bringing it to fruition by actual web/app development!"