Case Study

Gamifying UX

An app enabling practice of skills for UX practitioners

RIT HCI Capstone Project (2016 - 2017)

Project Summary

Traditionally, UX designers must take on project work to improve their skills. UX designers need to practice their skills, just like baseball players need to practice their swings. Practice allows us to fail and learn without consequence. After extensive primary and secondary user research, an app was conceived to help facilitate the practice of primarily soft skills (e.g. empathy, interviewing, presentation).

Team and Roles

Planned & conducted interviews and surveys
Planned & facilitated ideation workshops
Facilitated storyboarding & voting exercises
Responsible for prototyping

As part of a two-person team, my role was that of design researcher and prototyper. We shared the responsibility of planning and conducting interviews and surveys. My role shifted to planning and facilitating the ideation design workshops. I was also responsible for generating prototypes, and my teammate was responsible for the user testing.




User Research





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